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In essence, you can refer to me as a fashion chick... a pretty dope one at that. Similarly, I like the phrase "flopping starfish" and the action we do in my acting class to accompany it. I also found it hilarious when my iPhone auto corrected 'Niggaz With Attitude' to 'Nuggets With Attitude'.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Thanks to my trusty WhoWhatWear daily newsletters, I have come upon a photo of the lovely Miss Miller sporting none other than MY favorite All Saints floral dress that I picked up while I was in London this past March. Sadly I don't have any photos of myself donning this masterpiece, but I can confidently say that this dress is nearly guaranteed to be photographed for street style blogs/magazines/thelike.

My first All Saints/street style photo encounter was at SXSW this past March as I was en-route from one performance to Godknowswhere- I think I ended up taking one of those Ped-Cabs with my mom to some club with sharks on the floor. Besides the point. That first picture was with WGSN who still has yet to give me the wearabouts of said photo.

The next time I was snapped was in SoHo on my lunch break as I was finishing up my Pinkberry in the park and headed back to work. Some doll from Japan's Ginza magazine stopped me and inquired. Sadly her contact info is floating somewhere around my mess of an apartment and I will have to re-email her later to find it.
Sienna rocks it with an angled cropped jacket- a good way to find your waist, but not the best for this dress. The heavy gathered hemline, uniform floral print, and flaring of volume at the waist call for an even more extreme way to highlight the smallest part of the torso.

I suggest rocking this frock with a sturdy belt. I use a vintage black leather one with what I like to call a bronze "pilgrim" buckle.

Work it out!

On a side note- while I was in London, the dolls at All Saints told me the store is soon coming to NYC and to expect it this year. Regardless, they ship internationally for free on any purchase over £250.


  1. I agree with the belt suggesiton. I also feel like those shoes are wrong for this dress. It'd probably look better with sandals or something below the ankles

  2. Yeah she looks with this last picture jacket.

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